Spanish Female Alpinism Team

It`s been a proud to work again for the National Female Alpinism Team, where members Nieuss, Paola, Marta, Laia, Lucia and Marina get to climb together and receive technical advices from different professionals.

This time, it’s director Marc Subirana, chose the Ecrins massif, in the french Alps, where we could climb some classics such as:

  • Nous partirons dans l’Ivresse
  • Reine de la nuit
  • Promontoire ridge
  • Z route
  • West ridge of Pic des Aigles
  • Cineastes ridge
  • Aurora Nucleaire
  • Ailefroides Traverse

It has been an amazing week, with good vibes and an enormous help from the hut keepers from Chatelleret (Charles et Silvia), Promontoire (Fredy), Pavé (Sofie), Selé (Raoul et Yann). Thank you!!

Looking forward for the next one!


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