PIC DU MIDI D’OSSAU (normal route)

The Pic du Midi d’Ossau is the most singular peak in the Pyrenees (It is usually compared to the Matterhorn in the Alps).

It is a very attractive peak, with a sharp silhouette which offers a fun climb to everyone that attempts to reach the summit.

The normal route has 3 crux sections that consist in 20 meters steps where we will have to scramble and climb up to grade III, so we will use safety ropes.

The views from the top are some of the best in the Pyrenees, because its monolithic shape.

MEETING POINT:  Col du Portalet at about 6 AM

PRICE: From 110 €/person.

RATIO: 1 guide/ 4 climbers



After checking the gear we will start the approach through Aneu Valley, passing through the iconic emplacement of the Pombie hut and probably, having a look to all the climbers  starting their routes in the huge Pombie Wall.


Climbing Midi d’Ossau is an unique experience for those classic mountaineers or trekkers that are looking for a bigger challenge. Basically, the climb has 3 chimneys that will make us use our hands. They are not difficult, but the ambiance is amazing as long as we are gaining height.  Before submitting, we will have a beautiful ridge section with unforgettable views.